5 Things Parents Should Know About ‘The Mountain Between Us’

5 Things Parents Should Know About ‘The Mountain Between Us’

Alex Martin and Ben Bass are two strangers stuck in an Idaho airport, desperately looking for a way home in the middle of a major snow storm.

Every single flight has been cancelled, but Alex has an idea.

She and Ben will pay the pilot of a tiny private plane to fly them to Denver, where they then will make their connecting flights. That will allow her to make it to her wedding (which is the next day) and him to make it to a scheduled surgery (he’s a doctor).

Brilliant, right? Perhaps, but not this time.

The pilot misjudges the storm. Then, he suffers a stroke. Then, the plane crashes on top of a snow-capped Idaho mountain, leaving Alex, Ben and the pilot’s dog as the only survivors. With little food and water and no cell service, will they find help before they die of hypothermia?

It’s all part of The Mountain Between Us (PG-13), which opens this weekend and stars Kate Winslet (Titanic) as Alex and Idris Elba (Prometheus, The Dark Tower) as Ben in a film that is part survival drama, part romance.

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Here are five things parents should know:

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