What Did Jesus Say About Money?

What Did Jesus Say About Money?

Jesus had a lot to say about money, but it rarely – if ever – aligned with our modern-day beliefs.

That’s according to John Thornton, the author of the new book, “Jesus’ Terrible Financial Advice: Flipping the Tables on Peace, Prosperity, and the Pursuit of Happiness” (Moody).

Thornton – who is this week’s guest on War of the Worldviews — is the L.P. and Bobbi Leung Chair of Accounting Ethics at Azusa Pacific University, a Christian university with over 10,000 students near Los Angeles. He also directs the School of Accounting.

As Thornton tells us, Jesus’ financial advice might be viewed as “terrible” by our contemporary society — that is, it’s shocking — but it is just what we need.

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