Willie Mays, James Dean, Alvin York: Providential History Podcast (Oct. 8-14)

From Willie Mays to James Dean to Alvin York, a lot happened in history during the week of Oct. 8.

Join Heirloom Audio’s Bill Heid, Aaron Fullan and Michael Foust as they take a closer look at the week’s important dates in another edition of Providential History.

Oct. 8 — Brooklyn Dodgers announce move to Los Angeles; John Lennon’s “Imagine” is released; Alvin York and World War I; Soviet author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Oct. 9 –  Woodrow Wilson and baseball; Oskar Schindler passes away; Roger Williams and religion in colonial America; Alexander Graham Bell and the first phone call; Nazi Germany tries bombing a famous church.


Oct. 10 – Tokyo hosts the 1964 Olympics; James Dean; Charles Martel; the Chicago Fire.


Oct. 11 – Deion Sanders plays two sports; Singer Muddy Waters; Zwingli; Boer Wars.


Oct. 12 – Doug Flutie and the CFL; the origin of “Three Blind Mice”; Christopher Columbus’ faith; Nikita Khrushchev.


Oct. 13 – The first World Series night game; Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize; a hurricane hits the Northwest; Fantasia and Disney movies.


Oct. 14 – Willie Mays; Bing Crosby dies; theology banned?; Theodore Roosevelt

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