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On the whole, audio learning creates the perfect environment for making precious memories as a family.

Audio Learning Brings Families Together

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audio learning

On the whole, audio learning creates the perfect environment for making precious memories as a family.

Some of the best memories of togetherness center around stories. It may be a story that your grandpa told you while you sat on his knee as a child or a favorite book that your dad read to you over and over. There is something special about listening to stories, especially when it involves members of our family. While the reality is that we experience the moment together, it feels as though we experience the adventure of the story together. On the whole, audio learning creates the perfect environment for making these precious memories as a family.

Jesus Enjoyed Telling Stories In A Group

Books are stories. Movies are stories. Television shows are stories. Stories are for young and old alike and they can cross generations. Furthermore, everyone can enjoy them and they can bring families together. Jesus believed in this truth and was one of the greatest storytellers who ever lived. Jesus used the opportunities set before Him to tell stories that are still changing our lives today. He loved to gather His disciples together and tell stories that later brought about deep conversations and revealed marvelous truths.

Create Conversations With Audio Learning

When you listen to an audio story as a family, you are following Jesus’ example. He told His stories to create conversations. Listening to quality audio stories together can open the door to in-depth discussions. When you listen as a family, you are able to bring out particular points of the story that you think your child would benefit from thinking about more. You will also be able to point out the Godly character traits of the heroes in the stories.

Talk About Lessons Learned

Quality family time like this doesn’t end when the story ends. As a parent, you can bring even deeper meaning to the lessons of the stories from your audio learning time. As you see opportune times throughout the day, you can bring up the stories and help to make them relevant to your child’s everyday life. This gets the truths and meanings into their hearts in a powerful way. Just as Jesus did, you can help your children connect to the characters and the lessons in the stories.

Predict What’s Coming Next

One of the most enjoyable elements of family audio learning time is trying to guess what’s coming up next. As you work your way through a series, try to engage your children by discussing possible upcoming events in the story. You will all enjoy hearing each other’s guesses and it will add anticipation that will make audio learning time something that you all look forward to together.

Discuss Difficult Issues

Audio adventures are filled with drama and problems along with heroes that make the right choices. They create a safe environment where your child can explore emotions and solve problems. Moreover, many difficult issues can arise within the story. Take advantage of these times to bring out all of the hard-to-talk-about problems. These discussions are preparation and practice for your child. In fact, when they encounter real problems in life, they will recall the solutions that you came up with together.

Create Memories Together

Laugh together. Be surprised together. Discuss difficult issues together. Journey back in time together. Create memories together through family audio learning time. A story awaits!

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