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How Audio Learning Can Improve Your Child’s Grades

Audio Learning

Audio learning is an underrated learning modality.

Children are born with the ability to listen. All the knowledge that your child retains in the first years of life is obtained through listening, watching, and experiencing. It is only later in life that children begin to learn by reading on their own. Far too often, with younger children especially, we set aside the God-given ability to learn by listening with a desire to quickly replace it with learning by reading.  It’s hard to deny the remarkable benefits of audio learning. Exposing children to audio learning really can help them do better in school with the by-product, of course, being better grades. Sometimes, depending on the child,  grades can improve drastically.

Audio Learning Is Easy And Natural For Kids

Your child begins learning the skill of listening at a very early age. Children have spent years developing their abilities to learn by listening, and are quite good at it as you well know … even as toddlers. On the other hand, the ability to read, requires many more complicated functions, all happening at the same time. Reading well takes years to learn and children sometimes make slow progress. For the reading impaired, obtaining knowledge through a process like reading that is already difficult for them hinders and slows their ability to learn.

A More Efficient Way Of Learning

Young children can actually learn much faster and begin to learn much earlier when the material is presented to them through audio. Obviously, it’s much easier for children to obtain knowledge by listening than by reading until they master the skill of reading. And even then, the tremendous benefits of audio learning cannot be ignored but should rather be utilized throughout life.

Audio Learning Is An Experience

Introducing your child to audio learning as well as audio entertainment can open up a whole new world to them. Listening to a story enables your child’s full attention and focus to be given to the material. This helps your child to retain far more of the lesson than reading alone can accomplish. Your child will be able to completely immerse themselves in the experience of the lesson, further enhancing overall learning. All things being equal, audio learning requires that they will give their full attention to the moment at hand. They will be able to feel emotions and form ideas and opinions without the distraction of processing the words in front of them. This also increases the likelihood that they will remember the material presented and understand it.

The Benefits of Audio Learning

Increases Focus And Listening Ability

Although children are natural-born listeners, audio learning improves their ability to listen and to focus. The more they are subjected to the world of audio learning, the better at listening and retaining the material they will become. Their attention span and focus, in general, will be significantly enhanced. You will find that they do better in school and that their grades will improve.

Increases Attention Span

Start with shorter audios and gradually increase the amount that your child listens to in one sitting. As they become accustomed to listening longer, their attention span will increase.

Improves Critical Thinking and Comprehension

Comprehension is an essential skill for effective learning. As you listen, your mind will attempt to jump ahead and predict what will be said next. This important skill also helps with critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Increases Vocabulary And Introduces Your Child To New, More Difficult Words

Audio learning enables your child to listen to content that may be far above their reading level. If they attempted to read the words, they would likely stumble through the page. Parents often think that their child won’t be able to comprehend texts with complicated and new vocabulary, but this is far from the truth.

In fact, children thrive on hearing new and interesting vocabulary.  And the truth is, they can understand far more than we give them credit for.

A child may stumble over a word while attempting to read it but can comprehend the meaning when they hear it in context.

Lay The Foundation For A Lifetime Of Learning

Audio learning can increase your child’s attention span and vocabulary, help to improve your child’s grades and enable them to learn content that is far above their reading level.

Not only does it have these amazing benefits, but it can also be a memorable and delightful experience for your child that they continue throughout the rest of their life.

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