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The Major Difference Between Audiobooks And Audio Dramas

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While audiobooks are a great way for kids to learn, audio dramas are even better.

When people think of audio learning, they often think of audiobooks. While audiobooks are a great way for kids to learn, audio dramas are even better. The terms sound similar, but there are vast differences between the two. Audio dramas are one of the best tools that teachers or parents can use for some subjects in school. They can change the way your child responds to learning and they can impact how well they retain the information put before them. Choosing audio dramas over audiobooks can really bring your learning time to life.

What Is An Audio Drama?

While you may know all about audiobooks and may even own many yourself, audio dramas are different. Audiobooks are typically recorded using one voice as a person narrates a book. They are, essentially, an audio version of the written text.

Audio dramas are completely different than audiobooks. They are actually like a movie, only even better for kids in some aspects. Audio dramas are not just an audio version of a text; they are a dramatization of it. They involve an entire cast of voices, each taking on a different character in the story. You can imagine how this brings the story to life.

Conversations take on a whole new meaning and depth as each character is now a separate, individual voice. The characters can speak with more emotion and feeling, and your child will pick up on the storyline more easily. They will be able to relate to characters and understand the story better.

Not only are audio dramas recorded using many different and interesting voices, but they also include background music. When you are watching a movie, the music is vital in building the suspense. It plays a crucial role in punctuating defining moments and in fully enhancing the emotions of those moments. Producers even use music to fill in the silences, thereby allowing your mind to absorb the impact of any given scene.

How Do Audio Dramas Benefit My Kids?

Audio dramas are a lot like movies, but they can be even better in terms of audio learning for your kids. Audio dramas provide the drama and the feeling that you get from watching movies, but they leave the visual aspect to your imagination. For kids, this is one of the best ways to learn. If you can get kids to “see” things with their mind, it becomes a part of their memory and they will retain it. This step is crucial is the learning process.

When a child’s mind makes a mental image of a story, they are more likely to remember it. This is especially true if the child’s own imagination entirely fabricates the mental image. When you listen to an audio drama, you get all of the benefits of watching a movie. However, your mind creates the picture of the characters and the scenes as it goes along. Because all of the visuals come from their own mind, your child easily places themselves in the story as well. They live the adventure with the character, and usually AS the characters.

Which Subjects Are Best Taught With Audio Dramas?

Since history is already in story form, it is the ideal subject that you can use audio dramas for. As your child visualizes the story in their minds, they will be learning all about the characters, settings, and timelines throughout history. Furthermore, audio dramas add another bonus to audio learning. If you choose stories that focus on character traits that you want your child to possess, the lessons that they learn are not just educational. They will make a much deeper impact on your child. Your child will not only learn about history, but they will start to form opinions about what they think about history. Moreover, they will start to form opinions about what they think about our world today. Additionally, they will begin to realize that they can make choices that impact the world.

Audio learning through the use of audio dramas can change the way your child learns history, and even how they view the whole world.

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