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History Lesson Plan For Under Drake’s Flag Part 4

Under Drake’s Flag – 4 Disc 2 (Tracks 4-7) By Jodie Wolfe The beginning of this set of tracks looks like there is no hope for Ned and Gerald to escape the clutches of the Grand Inquisitor. Will they die for their faith or will something else happen? Keep listening to hear the exciting end of the audio drama. Vocabulary ...

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History Lesson Plan For Under Drake’s Flag Part 3

Under Drake’s Flag – 3 Disc 1 (Track 7), Disc 2 (Tracks 1-3) By Jodie Wolfe The next portion of Ned and Gerald’s journey is wrought with adventure, struggles, and the need to think quickly and come up with a plan in order to save themselves and those they are with. This time we journey with them through the deep ...

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History Lesson Plan For Under Drakes Flag – Part 2

Ned and Gerald are about to begin an adventure together as they set sea in 1572. Hold tight as we learn about their discoveries along the way. Vocabulary Aft, baselard dagger, boom, bow, cricket, constellations, hieroglyphics, jibbing, leeward, plunder, port, rudder, starboard, tacking, ton, and windward. Bible Memorization “And when even was come, the ship was in the midst of ...

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History Lesson Plan: An Introduction to Under Drake’s Flag

Over the next months, we’ll be taking a detailed look at the audio, Under Drake’s Flag. I thought it would be fun way to kick off the series by learning more about Sir Francis Drake and the time period in which he lived. Journey back in time with me. Vocabulary Amoeba, bacterial, circumnavigate, dysentery, Elizabethan era, flagship, hygiene, pirate, Promised ...

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Encouragement for Moms

Let’s face it, homeschooling can be tough. By now you are likely near the end of your school year and perhaps are even more eager than your children for summer vacation to begin because you need a break. Maybe you feel like it’s been a long year. During our 16+ years of homeschooling our two sons, I tried to have ...

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