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Battle of Stirling Bridge

Don’t Forget September 11 – Battle of Stirling Bridge

On this day in 1297, William Wallace led his troops to victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Wallace defeated King Edward in this great military victory, which established him as the legitimate leader of Scottish resistance. Scottish nobleman John Balliol had surrendered to the English previously which led Edward to believe Scotland was already his domain.

Edward had placed John de Warenne (the Earl of Surrey) in charge, creating the conditions for a revolt that was eventually led by Wallace and Andrew Murray. Wallace raised an army of passionate fighters which were up against well-armed and well-equipped English troops. The English army was visually imposing and extremely confident of their ability to put down the uprising.

Wallace’s troops gathered on Abbey Craig (now the site of the Wallace Monument) when the English first arrived on the South bank. The impatient English leadership led Edward’s troops over the narrow wooden Stirling Bridge to initiate the attack. The Scots famously counter-attacked, leaving the bridge choked with English dead. Wallace’s army routed the English in the midst of the confusion and chaos. Learn more about what happen here.