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3 Ways Audio Learning Can Improve Your Child’s Grades

audio learning

Over the years, we have lost our love for audio learning. Today, people choose to consume information through countless channels. Audio, sadly, has been left behind. Yet it appears that audio might be making a comeback. Podcasts are rising in popularity once again. Why? In today’s culture, we have adopted the “now” mentality. Our time is invaluable, and listening to ...

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Faith Comes By Hearing And Audio Learning Can Help

As parents, it is our responsibility, or as some view it, our privilege, to guide our children in the way that they should go. It is a constant and tireless endeavor, but one that we are greatly rewarded for accomplishing. Children’s minds are like sponges, eager to take in every bit of knowledge placed before them. It is so important ...

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How Audio Learning Can Improve Your Child’s Grades

Children are born with the ability to listen. All the knowledge that your child retains in the first years of life is obtained through listening, watching, and experiencing. It is only later in life that children begin to learn by reading on their own. Far too often, with younger children especially, we set aside the God-given ability to learn by ...

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