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Henty and Social History

In his classic study of the Victorian mentality, The Victorian Frame of Mind, Walter E. Houghton declares: “If we hope to discover the inwards thoughts of a generation, it is to literature that we must look.”  This is why, for historians, the works of G.A. Henty, the acknowledged king of boys’ writers in the late-Victorian period, are so fascinating and ...

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Interview with “Longing for Motherhood” author Chelsea Sobolik

Approximately 1 in 10 American couples struggle with infertility during their lifetime and approximately 1 in 5 American pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Despite the staggering statistics, infertility is rarely discussed and many families struggle internally on a daily basis with these heartbreaking, unaddressed wounds. That’s why Chelsea Sobolik decided to share her own journey with childlessness in her new ...

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Fascinating Life Of G.A. Henty

When it came to understanding the mind of young boys, G.A. Henty seemed to have a finger on their pulse. This prolific writer spent a lifetime creating books that would lure in the imagination of boys — and then leave them wanting a lot more. He understood what it meant to draw in the reader from the first page and ...

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