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Stan Lee And Homer: The Iliad And The Avengers

The Iliad And The Avengers: Will The Real Spiderman Please Stand Up? The Illiad and The Avengers may have more in common than you think. With Stan Less’s recent death, I started thinking about his work and Homer’s work. Especially and specifically, The Iliad and The Avengers. There are some interesting comparisons here and perhaps some observations of value. I ...

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Fort Caroline: The Fateful Huguenot Settlement In America

Fort Caroline

Admiral Gaspard de Coligny was one of the leaders of the Protestant forces within France during the civil wars. He recognized that no victory the Huguenots might gain over their Catholic adversaries would ensure the protection of the Protestant Faith within the coming generations. Any concession that the Catholic royalty of the kingdom gave them would only provide a temporary ...

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Jacques Lefèvre: The Courageous Man Who Quietly Sowed The Seeds Of The French Reformation

Jacques Lefevre

On October 31, 1517, a young German monk nailed 95 theses to the church door in Wittenburg. The monk’s theses mostly dealt with the issue of indulgences and aspects of Roman Catholic worship. Furthermore, they called for a return to the authority of Scripture in determining the proper means of worshiping and serving God. Martin Luther (for that was the young monk’s name) ...

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The History Of The Reformation And Why It’s Important

The only alternative to the doctrine of predestination is the assertion of the reign of total chance, of meaninglessness and brute factuality. —Rousas J. Rushdoony, The Biblical Philosophy of History (1979)  I did nothing; the Word did it all. —Martin Luther, The Second Sermon (1522) Just meaningless names and dates.  That’s how many perceive the study of history.  And if ...

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How Stonewall Jackson Got His Name

Stonewall Jackson

This month marks 157 years since the First Battle of Bull Run. The United States has come a long way since then. However, it still bears the scars left behind by the Civil War. Today, most see the Confederate Army and key figures such as Stonewall Jackson as nothing but symbols of slavery. Nonetheless, there’s another side to the story. ...

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Alfred’s Wisdom Came From The Fear Of The Lord

fear of the lord

Wisdom is rooted in the fear of the Lord. We must understand that God rules the universe and that we don’t. We must take God very seriously. Moreover, we must reverence and honor Him. We must listen to His word and obey it. Alfred understood this. Even as a young boy, Alfred realized how important it was for him to ...

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Sir Francis Drake: America’s Forgotten Founder

The greatest spiritual endeavors and achievements in the past have been those energized by faith and hope. —Ian Murray, The Puritan Hope (1971) Most Christians don’t know the power of their own faith. They think like underdogs and that has real world consequences. —Malcolm Gladwell, at the Catalyst Conference (2013)   Drake’s Faith In the epilogue of his best-selling classic, ...

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Why History Teaches Us to Hope

This is the very first article that I have written since my son, our first child, was born. As my wife and I train him up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, the most important thing that we will teach him, outside of Scripture, is history. We will be teaching history not only so that he will know ...

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