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What Ever Happened to Our Hero, Sir Francis Drake?

Sometimes one person can change the course of history in huge and remarkable ways.  Sir Francis Drake, our real-life hero from Under Drake’s Flag was such a man. Through his faith, courage, determination, and skill, Drake accomplished in his lifetime what many of us can only dream about. We know Sir Francis Drake was a remarkable navigator and sea captain. Through ...

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What Do We Really Know About William Wallace?

There he sat on his destrier, flashing a claymore larger and heavier than most mortal men could even heft. With his clean-shaven face half painted blue, William Wallace galloped toward the English lines, dressed in his plaid kilt to “pick a fight” with the English miscreants who invaded his country, murdered his wife, and attacked Scottish liberty. Wallace might have ...

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5 Heroes In History You Didn’t Know Were Christians

While modern secularists insist on marginalizing Christians, characterizing them as irrelevant and removing them from the public discussion, Christians have played bigger roles in history than we are told. In fact, history is chocked full of heroes who gladly bore the stigma of their personal relationship to Christ. And, while you will probably recognize the names of most of these ...

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