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The Manly Art Of Poetry

the manly art of poetry

Since the world began, mankind has written poetry largely for four or maybe five reasons: to speak to or for God, to celebrate or deplore battle, to express romantic affection and desire, to pass on wisdom and advice, or to entertain with a story.  Scripture gives us examples of each of these.  And with very few exceptions, the writers were ...

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Advice To A Young Pastor Who Had Questions About Boys And Summer

This is my response to a young pastor who had questions about boys and summer.  He said found it helpful. By Greg Uttinger Dear Pastor, First, I don’t have any divine revelation on the topic of boys and summer.  And please remember:  I have three girl-children, and we are a kind of nerdy/literary family.  Anyway, here are my suggestions. See what you ...

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6 Reasons You Should Be Reading The Classics

Some people love to read, others not so much. Even book lovers and avid readers will debate whether or not one should take time to read “the classics” – those older, great works of literature that have endured the test of time. There are, in fact, many great reasons to read classic literature. And, it’s not just because we said ...

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How Do We Trust God When We Are Struggling With Our Children?

A few of my deeply faithful friends are struggling with their children. My friends feel like failures. They wonder what they’ve done wrong. How could children who started off well become so rebellious? These parents are praying for their sons and daughters. Exhorting them. Holding them accountable. Teaching them the Bible. Trying to get to their hearts. But nothing seems to ...

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There Is No Silver Bullet

Parents, Is There A Silver Bullet? Seth Godin, best-selling author and highly in-demand speaker, wrote recently about “The one thing that will change everything.” As baseball fans are apt to say, “he hit it outta’ the park! Godin wrote: That introduction you need. The capital that your organization is trying to raise. The breakthrough in what you’re building… Have you ...

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