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Make Your Own Ship In A Bottle

Learn the secret to creating your very own ship in a bottle! This timeless maritime craft has been a favorite hobby for centuries. Armed with patience and a few tools, you too can create one, leaving your friends to wonder … “How did they do that?” Important Note: Parental supervision and help is a must for this craft. This craft ...

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Make Your Own Civil War Drum

The Civil War is often referred to as “The Boys’ War” because many soldiers were still just teenagers. The official rule of the Union Army was that soldiers must be 18 years old in order to serve. However, many boys lied about their age and recruiters would turn their heads. Many young boys who were too young to serve would ...

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A Dress Up and Drama Corner for Kids of All Ages

Dress up isn’t just for little kids. Older children, teens and even adults enjoy stepping into costumes and getting into character once in awhile. Creating a simple (or elaborate) dress up and drama corner in your home can turn into a great family night activity. It’s also a wonderful way to sneak in a little bit of “school” without the ...

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5 Reasons to Play Checkers With Your Children

Playing board games is an excellent way to build critical thinking skills and checkers is no exception. Playing checkers helps children to become better learners by flexing their “mental muscles” – as well as helping adults of all ages to keep agile minds. With so many board games available, why choose checkers? Here are 5 great reasons: Memory Recall There ...

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