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Raising Thankful Children

If you asked my grandmother what she remembers about Christmas when she was a little girl she would say not much.  Why?  Because they didn’t have anything.  There weren’t piles of presents under the tree for the children when they came down on Christmas morning.   There were no new bikes or dolls.  What does she remember getting?  A simple orange ...

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Unnatural Thanksgiving

In the late 1800’s, Horatio Spafford planned to travel to Europe with his wife and four daughters.  Having just endured great financial loss because of the Great Chicago Fire, he was delayed in his ability to leave at the same time as his family.  Not wanting to deter their original plans, he sent his wife and four daughters ahead of ...

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Heirloom Audio’s Captain Bayley’s Heir Recently Nominated For 8 Seneca Awards

Captain Bayley's Heir

Heirloom Audio’s drama, Captain Bayley’s Heir, has been nominated for eight Audio Theatre Central Seneca Awards. The Senecas, which are named for Lucius Seneca, a Roman dramatist who is considered the father of audio drama, recognize excellence in family-friendly audio drama programs. On June 18, a committee of industry experts revealed the award nominees in 11 categories for the calendar ...

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7 Places To Create Your Own Extraordinary Family Adventure This Summer

family adventure

Ready for your own family adventure? Want to make history come alive this summer for your family?  Check out these 7 places to visit!  Listen to your favorite G.A. Henty audio adventures as you travel with your family to create your own “extraordinary adventures”!  Create fun family memories that will last a lifetime!   Gettysburg, PA Touted as a turning ...

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7 Unique Ways To Celebrate Independence Day

Pool parties, barbecues, and fireworks are great Fourth of July traditions. However, there are other ways you can celebrate this important holiday with your family and friends. Why not give one of these unique ideas a try this year? You might just find a new favorite family tradition. Read the Declaration of Independence July 4th is the perfect time to ...

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The Power Of Imagination In Childhood

At some point during childhood, every child is asked the question, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” Their answers are usually entertaining and unique. Many dream of becoming something really exciting or different – such as a professional athlete, astronaut, movie star, video game designer, pirate, candy taste-tester, and more. Their ideas are usually quite brilliant, ...

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Homeschool Help: What Does a “Lifestyle of Learning” Look Like?

I want to remind homeschooling parents that our freedom allows us benefits the classroom doesn’t. We should not feel bound to operate like a classroom, which can be very stifling to many children, suffocating their natural curiosity and love of learning. If your child thrives in a structured, classroom setting, by all means give it to him. But if he doesn’t, the world ...

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The French Revolution’s War On True Liberty

Bill Heid Our fathers’ God, to Thee, Author of liberty, to Thee we sing. —Samuel Francis Smith, “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” (1831) Liberty consists in the freedom to do everything which injures no one else. . . . —The Declaration of the Rights of Man, Article IV (1789) So What Exactly Is Liberty? The French Revolution handed Western civil ...

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Good Friday And The Real Meaning Of The Cross

Good Friday And The Real Meaning Of The Cross Penal suffering in Scripture is released, or not inflicted upon the guilty, because it has been endured by a substitute.      —William Shed, Dogmatic Theology (1888-90)   The Need for the Cross Early on in the Bible we get some bad news. Our rebellion deserved divine wrath.  God is just and ...

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History Lesson Plan For Under Drake’s Flag Part 4

Under Drake’s Flag – 4 Disc 2 (Tracks 4-7) By Jodie Wolfe The beginning of this set of tracks looks like there is no hope for Ned and Gerald to escape the clutches of the Grand Inquisitor. Will they die for their faith or will something else happen? Keep listening to hear the exciting end of the audio drama. Vocabulary ...

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