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How Parents Can Use The Cat Of Bubastes For Worldview Training

Who is G.A. Henty? GA Henty was a prolific writer of the 1800’s. People remember him for his family-friendly historical stories of great excitement. Initially, the Cat of Bubastes, first published in 1889 intended as a fun children’s story. It teaches of a young prince who becomes a slave when the Egyptians conquer his people. We can all remember other ...

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Sir Francis Drake And Worldview Training

sir francis drake

Heirloom Audio Productions has a mission to bring real history to life without the sanitization of secularists who have removed God’s providence from the narratives. The mission of the Audio Adventures is to engage our listener’s imagination by taking them back in time and immersing them in the story. The production Under Drake’s Flag takes the listener through a two-part ...

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Was Winston Churchill G. A. Henty’s Biggest Fan?

What Churchill Learned from Henty Could Very Well Have Saved Western Civilization. A steady stream of G. A. Henty’s “high adventure” books of historical fiction found great popularity and a hungry audience in his day. The books were especially popular among the young boys and men of the rising generation in the late 1800s and early 1900s. So why did ...

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Henty and Social History

In his classic study of the Victorian mentality, The Victorian Frame of Mind, Walter E. Houghton declares: “If we hope to discover the inwards thoughts of a generation, it is to literature that we must look.”  This is why, for historians, the works of G.A. Henty, the acknowledged king of boys’ writers in the late-Victorian period, are so fascinating and ...

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Fascinating Life Of G.A. Henty

When it came to understanding the mind of young boys, G.A. Henty seemed to have a finger on their pulse. This prolific writer spent a lifetime creating books that would lure in the imagination of boys — and then leave them wanting a lot more. He understood what it meant to draw in the reader from the first page and ...

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Just Who Was G.A. Henty?

George Alfred Henty (1832-1902), better known as G.A. Henty, is most widely known for his contributions to 19th century literature as a historical and adventure novelist. However, there’s so much more to G.A. Henty’s life than meets the eye. The man accomplished more in his seventy years than most of us could even dream about. G.A. Henty was also a ...

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The Moral Purpose of G.A. Henty’s Writings

One of Henty’s frankly acknowledged aims was to teach British boys how to behave.  As the Daily Telegraph observed of The Bravest of the Brave (1887): “Mr. Henty never loses sight of the moral purpose of his work – to enforce the doctrine of courage and truth, mercy and loving kindness, as indispensable to the making of an English gentleman”. ...

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3 Benefits to Reading to Your Kids

All parents should try to spend a little time each day reading to their children. In our household, bedtime was the preferred time for mom to sprawl across the bed, book in hand, with little ones cuddled up on all sides. Reading to our children helps them expand their knowledge of the world outside their limited boundaries and it helps ...

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