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3 Ways to Sneak Learning into Your Summer

Summer vacation is a great time for families to unwind and reconnect. After the busyness of a school year schedule, everyone is ready for a break in the routine. At the same time, you want to be sure your children don’t regress from all the hard work they’ve put in during the school year. Here are three easy ways to sneak learning into your summer in a fun and relaxing way!

  1. Field Trips

Summer is the perfect time to take local field trips. Whether it’s visiting the art museum, the history museum, or a hands-on science center, there are many opportunities to reinforce learning in fun ways. Smaller historical museums are often open in the summer and these are great places to revisit topics from the school year or introduce a topic coming up in the fall.

While on the field trip, make note of a few displays or activities that seemed to particularly appeal to your child. The next day, look for videos on YouTube or children’s websites that feature those topics. You can also order books from the library to scatter around the house for your children to pick up. Utilizing resources such as these turn the outing into a teachable moment that goes beyond just the actual field trip.

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  1. Play Games

Games are a great way for a family to spend relaxing time together. Depending on the games you choose, they are also a fantastic and relatively painless way to reinforce learning. Some games require a great deal of math so they are perfect for keeping math facts and operations fresh during the summer. There are other games that require spelling and/or reading. This is a simple way to sneak in some extra practice over the summer. Many games require your children to use logic in order to win, which is a great way to keep young minds active. Your kids won’t even realize they are learning on their summer vacation!

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  1. Reading Any Way You Can

Probably the most important skill to continue to practice over the summer is reading and comprehension. Depending on your child’s level of interest, try to find as many different ways to incorporate reading as possible. If you have an avid reader, this might not be much of a challenge. But if you have children who are less enthusiastic about reading and won’t seek it out on their own, it is important to find ways to get them to read for at least a little bit every day.

Most libraries have a summer reading program. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure your children are reading. Another possibility is to have each child set a realistic, individual reading goal for the summer with a much-desired reward at the end. It could be a nice toy, an outing, or a gift card to a favorite store. Having a tangible and highly desirable goal in mind will motivate many reluctant readers.

Another way to “sneak” literature into your children is to utilize audio dramas. Fun audio adventures, such as With Lee In Virginia, help you reinforce reading skills, listening skills, and teach history and Bible at the same time! Best of all, they are great to take along with you in the car as you head off on vacation.

Summer can be relaxing while still maintaining or even improving important learning skills. The secret is to find easy ways to work it into your summer family time!

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