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Cultivate Three Key Habits For Homeschool Success

Homeschool moms have a lot on their plate. Because of this, it is important to cultivate helpful habits that work for you and not against you. In fact, making even the smallest of changes can reap great rewards. Here are three habits that will pay you back over and over again with more time and less stress.

#1: Keep Up With Paperwork

One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself is a paperwork system. It is so tempting to put the paperwork and record keeping in a pile to take care of later. Except later becomes next week which becomes next month and before you know it you have hours and hours of paperwork to catch up on.

Figure out what works for your situation and be consistent. It’s so much easier to take five to ten minutes each day than face multiple week’s worth of work that’s falling off your desk or the counter. Instead of zoning out or checking your phone while your children are working independently for ten minutes, process the paperwork and file it. Instead of wasting time on social media after your children go to bed, take ten minutes to deal with paperwork and wake up to a clean slate.

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#2: Take Time For Yourself

Homeschool moms who neglect themselves often fall into one of these categories. One, they are martyrs for the cause and feel it is virtuous to neglect their own needs. Two, they believe there isn’t time and so they don’t prioritize time for themselves.

Both approaches are wrong and damaging in the long run. Each homeschool mom is an individual before she has children and before she begins homeschooling them. That doesn’t change once homeschooling starts. All women make sacrifices while mothering and homeschooling, but it should not be to their detriment.

Arrange to take regular time for yourself and do something that refreshes you. It might be a certain amount of time each day, each week or each month. Decide what works for your unique situation and make a plan. If you need to hire a babysitter or exchange childcare with a friend, do it. Do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself. An unhealthy mother is going to struggle to raise healthy children.

#3: Enjoy The Big Picture Process Each Day

Homeschooling can be overwhelming and it’s so easy to get caught up in the seemingly relentless to-do list. But it’s important to try to enjoy the big picture process each day. Don’t miss out on the joy of watching your child read aloud or figure out a math problem. Those are big moments in life even though they might seem mundane at the time.

There’s a balance to be had between focusing in on each day and also taking a long term perspective. Both are necessary for enjoying the homeschooling process and not becoming stressed out about what is ahead. Relish the moments and know that the big picture will work out over time.

Homeschooling moms who take the time to cultivate these three habits will find homeschooling more enjoyable. They’ll also relieve their lives of the potential stressors that can come with it.

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Sallie enjoys homeschooling her only child, Caroline, in beautiful West Michigan. As relaxed homeschoolers, they enjoy learning from all of life. Sallie creates learning materials and writes about homeschooling, parenting, faith and simple living at Sallie Borrink.

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