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6 Reasons You Should Be Reading The Classics

Some people love to read, others not so much. Even book lovers and avid readers will debate whether or not one should take time to read “the classics” – those older, great works of literature that have endured the test of time. There are, in fact, many great reasons to read classic literature. And, it’s not just because we said so.

1.  Reading the classics will make you smarter.
Want to impress your boss at the Christmas party? Increase your SAT score? No matter your reason, reading the classics can help you flex your brain muscles in a very positive way. Reading classic literature will improve your vocabulary, expose you to various literary styles, boost comprehension skills, and give you insight into history and culture from all around the globe… and so much more.

2.  You’ll improve your social skills.
No, really, it’s true. A recent study showed that reading classics, in contrast to modern commercial fiction, could lead to better social perception and emotional maturity. The more character-driven the novel, the more your personal ethics are strengthened, the study also found.

3. It helps you understand history and culture in context.
Great works of literature cover nearly every period of modern history. Reading these books give us a nice peek into the culture of the day, while allowing the reader to have a keen eye on the events that helped shape history forever. It’s like playing connect-the-dots with your brain! Plus, let’s be honest – any novel is usually much more fun to read than boring history textbooks.

4.  Appreciating great literature is appreciating art.
The written word is truly gift of art. As with any art form, sometimes the only way you can learn to appreciate it is expose yourself to it. Doing so helps you become a more well rounded person. Enjoying various works of great classic literature is no less important than taking in an art show or concert once in awhile.

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5.  We have the resources – so why not?
In modern America, it’s easy to take things for granted. Books are really no different. Do you know how many people across the globe would love to have access to the books we have at our fingertips, courtesy of the Internet and technology? How would you feel if tomorrow, somehow all the books at your disposal mysteriously vanished forever? You would probably wish you had taken the time to read them.

6.  Human nature doesn’t change.
The classics allow us to see that people “way back then” struggled with many of the same things we struggle with today. The human experience is relatable across decades and centuries. People, experiences, emotions, and life perspectives have not changed all that much throughout the course of time. What was written a hundred years ago (or more) is still relevant today.

Want to get started with some really great classics? Our audio adventures are one easy way to get your kids (and yourself) into the classics. They are enjoyable, fun, and exciting ways to experience great literature. Research also shows that listening to someone read or perform a great story is just as beneficial as reading itself. Our audio adventures will help strengthen listening and attention skills too… another great benefit we could all appreciate!

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