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101 Fun Screen-Free Things to Do This Summer

It’s summer and school is out. That means large amounts of free time for the kids. And sometimes, it can also lead to the dreaded words no parent wants to hear: “Mom…I’m bored!”

Don’t stick the kids in front of a screen all summer. Instead, beat boredom with 101 great screen-free activities that kids of all ages will enjoy. Best of all? Most of them are cheap or free!

  1. Build a fort.
  2. Grow something – a tomato plant, a pepper plant, anything!
  3. Play in the sprinkler.
  4. Write your own play.
  5. Visit an elderly neighbor or shut-in.
  6. Find a pen pal and write good old-fashioned letters. (On paper!)
  7. Have a picnic.
  8. Go for a nature walk.
  9. Paint a picture.
  10. Learn a few words and phrases in another language.
  11. Read a good book.
  12. Read a good book to someone else.
  13. Try a new recipe – with parental permission, of course.
  14. Play charades.
  15. Camp in the backyard.
  16. Go fishing.
  17. Learn one outdoor survival skill.
  18. Play a board game. Checkers is a good one!
  19. Clean out your closet – donate unwanted items to a local ministry.
  20. Play Sudoku.
  21. Do some bird watching and write down what species you see.
  22. Draw your family tree.
  23. Play with sidewalk chalk.
  24. Shoot hoops.
  25. Throw a Frisbee.
  26. Make your own playdough.
  27. Invent a new game.
  28. Create your own scavenger hunt.
  29. Work a crossword.
  30. Draw a portrait of someone.
  31. Campout in the living room.
  32. Dress up like your favorite hero or book character.
  33. Fly a kite. (Make your own kite?)
  34. Write a poem.
  35. Do a few extra chores around the house … just because.
  36. Learn to use a compass.
  37. Cook a meal with your family.
  38. Climb a tree.
  39. Make a card for someone you love.
  40. Learn a life skill such as changing a tire, sewing a button, and so on…
  41. Write a story and illustrate it.
  42. Visit your local farmers market.
  43. Pick a bouquet of wildflowers.
  44. Get a blanket, lie down, and watch the clouds!
  45. Build with blocks.
  46. Learn to play an instrument.
  47. Play flashlight tag.
  48. Learn to tie knots.
  49. Make a craft for someone using recycled materials.
  50. Play with your pet.
  51. Throw a baseball.
  52. Invite a friend over.
  53. Work a puzzle.
  54. Reorganize your room.
  55. Take a nap in the hammock.
  56. Have a tea party with someone.
  57. Have a campfire.
  58. Make s’mores!
  59. Re-read a favorite book.
  60. Draw a cartoon.
  61. Play 20 Questions.
  62. Start a rock collection.
  63. Make homemade lemonade – not from a can!
  64. Dance.
  65. Play dominoes.
  66. Throw water balloons.
  67. Go to your local park.
  68. Memorize a few of your favorite scriptures.
  69. Perform a science experiment.
  70. Play cards.
  71. Paint a flowerpot.
  72. Pot a flower.
  73. Ask your parents to tell you an important story about your family history.
  74. Make your own restaurant – at home!
  75. Visit a free local museum or attraction.
  76. Make shadow puppets.
  77. Learn how to mix the primary colors to make a rainbow.
  78. Interview a grandparent or another relative about their life growing up.
  79. Pretend you are a spy.
  80. Write a song.
  81. Volunteer for a day or a week – at your church, a food pantry, or local ministry.
  82. Learn basic first aid.
  83. Go stargazing … you might even see a meteor!
  84. Perform a secret act of kindness for a friend or neighbor.
  85. Learn how to bake a loaf of bread.
  86. Draw a map of your room, house, yard, or neighborhood.
  87. Have a sword fight – with pool noodles.
  88. Visit your parent’s workplace for a day – only with permission of course.
  89. Catch lightening bugs.
  90. Start a journal or sketchbook.
  91. Watch a sunrise.
  92. Enjoy a sunset.
  93. Blow bubbles.
  94. Collect something – seashells, stamps, buttons, marbles…
  95. Clean up trash around your neighborhood.
  96. Make a collage.
  97. Learn the location of all 50 states and label a map.
  98. Make homemade mini-pizzas.
  99. Have a bicycle or tricycle race.
  100. Build something with nothing but toothpicks and marshmallows.

And last, but of course not least…

101. Listen to an Audio Adventure!

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