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Create Your Own Ancient Roman Coins

Ancient Roman coins were made of gold, silver, bronze, and copper, as well as a metal known as orichalcum. The faces of Roman currency featured likenesses of emperors as well as symbols and famous monuments. The coins were used to purchase all manner of goods and services across the Roman Empire. With just a few simple and inexpensive craft materials, you can create your very own Ancient Roman coin replicas!

Items Needed:

  • Self-hardening clay or salt dough
  • Wax paper
  • Rolling pin
  • Sculpting tool – like a toothpick or plastic knife
  • Soda cap, bottle cap, or other small rounded molds
  • Spatula
  • Spray paint – gold, silver, or bronze
  • Newspaper
  • Copper leafing pen (optional)
  • Ceramic or clay sealant (optional)
  1. Roll out your clay or dough. Place it on wax paper for easy handling and clean up.
  1. Use the soda cap or other mold to stamp out your coins. You can experiment with different sizes if desired.
  1. Using the sculpting tool, create a design on your coin.
  1. Remove coins with a spatula or similar tool. Allow them to completely dry out. Some sculpting mediums will need to be baked, while others will need to sit out for a few days to air dry. Follow the directions on the package or recipe for best results.
  1. Once fully dry, spray paint your coins with a metallic spray paint. Let dry for a day.
  1. If desired, use a copper leafing pen to accent highlights on your coins. Let the coins fully dry once again.
  2. You may want to spray your dried and finished coins with a sealant spray. This gives them a nice finish and glossy look and helps protect them for safekeeping over many hours of play.


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