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Family Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Teaching your kids to be compassionate individuals is an important task. Thankfully, it can also be a lot of fun! Here are 70 random acts of kindness that your family can perform for others. Simply print this list out and put it in a prominent place and encourage everyone in your house to get on board! Consider offering a prize or incentive (like a family ice cream party) for everyone to enjoy when the challenge is over. Some items on this list will require a little help from mom and dad, while others need nothing at all.

  1. Say hello.
  2. Smile at everyone.
  3. Write an encouraging note for a friend.
  4. Bake a treat for someone.
  5. Give someone a compliment.
  6. Send a postcard to someone who is sick.
  7. Call your grandma, aunt, uncle, or other loved one “just because.”
  8. Pack lunch for your mom, dad, or sibling. Include a nice note.
  9. Surprise your mail carrier with a cold bottle of water.
  10. Donate unused or unwanted clothes or toys to a local shelter or mission.
  1. Make a card for someone who helps others – police officer, firefighter, teacher, soldier, etc.
  2. Create a blessing bag or care package for someone who is needy or homeless.
  3. Take flowers to a senior or shut-in from your church.
  4. Send an encouraging text to someone.
  5. Practice listening to someone who needs to talk.
  6. Choose compliments over gossip.
  7. Give someone the benefit of the doubt.
  8. Greet people by their name whenever possible.
  9. Start saving your change now to buy a small gift for a needy person in December.
  10. Donate some of your allowance or birthday money to a charity of your choosing.
  1. Perform odd jobs for someone in need or a neighbor.
  2. When a family member or friend makes a meal you love, ask for the recipe.
  3. Teach your siblings how to do something.
  4. Post inspirational quotes on an index card for all to see them and enjoy.
  5. Invite someone over for dinner.
  6. Count to 10 and take a deep breath before you respond in anger or frustration.
  7. Share a favorite book or movie with someone.
  8. Hold the door or elevator for someone.
  9. Make a snack for your mom, dad, or sibling.
  10. Offer to take a photograph for a tourist.
  1. Set up a “free” lemonade or popsicle stand or donate the money to charity.
  2. Allow someone to help you and let them enjoy their random act of kindness.
  3. Pick up trash when you see it.
  4. Buy a $5 gift card for ice cream or something small and give it to a random person.
  5. Donate canned goods and non-perishables to a food bank.
  6. Befriend the lonely person.
  7. Introduce yourself to a neighbor or guest at church.
  8. Learn the art of a great handshake.
  9. Adopt your next pet.
  10. Hold your tongue next time you are angry or upset.
  1. Say “thank you” … a lot.
  2. Volunteer somewhere.
  3. Give away something you love.
  4. Carry in the groceries.
  5. Don’t nag … even when you really, really want to.
  6. Shovel snow or rake leaves for a neighbor.
  7. Compliment your sibling’s good behavior.
  8. Bake a birthday cake for someone.
  9. Quit complaining as much as possible.
  10. Do the job nobody else wants to do.
  1. Don’t keep others waiting. Be on time.
  2. Drop extra quarters in someone else’s parking meter.
  3. Say you are sorry.
  4. Be the first to volunteer when playing a game or activity.
  5. Be happy for others when they get a blessing or good news.
  6. Thank the cashier, waitress, or other person who has served you.
  7. Don’t criticize someone else’s dream.
  8. Be fair.
  9. Turn off the TV and play or hang out with a sibling.
  10. Always keep your promises.
  1. Keep a gratitude journal.
  2. Make a handmade gift for someone.
  3. Plant a tree or flowers for someone else to enjoy.
  4. Don’t expect anything in return for your act of kindness.
  5. Give a small token of your love to a sibling or friend.
  6. Donate a blanket to the homeless.
  7. Clean the house … just because.
  8. Offer to help cook a meal and clean afterwards.
  9. Be someone’s hero.
  10. Walk the dog.

And last, but not least …

  1. Don’t let a day go by without telling someone you love them.


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  1. We all love random acts of kindness, right? What a blessing when someone does a kind deed for us and when we’re able to put our love in action by sharing a kindness with someone else!

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