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Grateful Heart Christmas Countdown Chain

Materials Needed:

Construction paper (red, green and gold)


Pen or pencil



Markers or crayons



  1. Mark and draw lines 1-2 inches apart on construction paper.
  2. Count down the number of days until Christmas (that’s how many links you will want to make).
  3. Cut the links.
  4. On each link, write one thing you are thankful for on each strip.
  5. Decorate each link with crayons or markers.
  6. Staple, tape or glue each of the links together, making a chain.
  7. Each day, cut one link off and share what is on that specific link. For example, if your link says you are thankful for Grandma, share why you are thankful for her and a few memories you have with her.

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