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Make Your Own: Thank You Cards

One easy way to help your children learn ways to express their thankfulness is by making homemade thank you cards.  All it takes is a little creativity and time!   Who doesn’t love receiving a homemade card from a child?

Materials Needed:

Paper – Use whatever you have around the house.  If you have an abundance of plain white copy, use it!  Or you can use construction paper or cardstock.

Crayons or Markers





  1. Help your child determine who they are going to write thank you cards to.  Maybe it’s a parent, a grandma or a coach.   Maybe it’s a thank you card for a birthday gift they received.
  2. Let the creativity roll! If you have really young children, you can still do this.  Try tracing their hand and then letting them color to their best ability.
  3. When the thank you cards are finished, hand deliver if possible!


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