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Ready for Spring? Try this seed planting activity!

What you will need







– seeds

– cardboard egg cartons

– scissors

– sharp knife

– toilet paper rolls (empty)

– potting soil (I used “container soil”)

– water








  1. Using the scissors, cut the lid from the base of the egg carton – set the lid aside







  1. Turn the egg carton over and using the knife, poke a small drainage hole in the bottom of each section of the egg carton







  1. Now fill each section of the egg carton with the soil
  2. Working with one type of a seed at a time – pour the seeds into a bowl
  3. Drop the seeds (according to the package directions) into each section of the egg carton
  4. Repeat the process with all the seeds







  1. Place the egg carton into the lid – the lid will now act as a tray
  2. Lightly water the seeds
  3. Place the egg cartons in a spot that is warm and has indirect sunlight

Toilet paper roll option

  1. Cut the toilet paper roll in half (across the middle)







  1. Cut 4 equally spaced, 1/2″ slits up from the bottom of the toilet roll







  1. Fold the 4 equally sized flaps in the same way you fold the top of a box…overlapping all the way around
  2. Now the tube has one closed end and one open end







  1. Fill the container with soil and repeat the same planting steps as above


The best thing about using these cardboard based planters is that once the seedlings are large enough to be transplanted you can actually plant the container as well. There is no need to fuss with removing the plant from the container…it will biodegrade in the new pot or in the garden.

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