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5 (Spoiler-Free) Things Parents Should Know About ‘The Last Jedi’

5 (Spoiler-Free) Things Parents Should Know About ‘The Last Jedi’

When the first Star Wars movies were released four decades ago, it was easy to avoid spoilers and leaks. There was no Facebook or Twitter. There wasn’t even an Internet. As long as you stayed away from newspapers and magazines, you were fine.

Nowadays, though, it’s not so easy. In fact, it’s downright difficult.

For the last few months, I have avoided all news about The Last Jedi. I haven’t even read headlines. Why? Because I wanted to be as surprised by the twists and turns on opening night as I was back in 1980 when Darth Vader said those famous words to Luke: “I am your father.”

I know I’m not the only one like that. But there’s a problem with this strategy. If we know nothing about the movie, then how are we to know if we should take our children? Sure, we could study the movie’s rating – it’s PG-13 — but those are often as useful as a wet paper bag.

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That’s where this review comes in handy. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll give you a broad overview of the content in The Last Jedi without revealing a single surprise, spoiler or plot. I won’t even tell you what the opening crawl says.

And in the final paragraph, I’ll tell you if I liked it or not. I’ll also reveal where it ranks in my list of all nine Star Wars movies. Ready?

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