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5 Things Parents Should Know About ‘Logan Lucky’

5 Things Parents Should Know About ‘Logan Lucky’

Jimmy Logan is just, well, unlucky. At least, that’s how he’s viewed his life.

In high school he was the star quarterback with solid college potential, but he didn’t even get an offer. He recently landed a construction job at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, but was let go due to a limp that sparked liability concerns. And now the little girl who is the sparkle in his eye – his elementary-age daughter – might be moving far away along with his ex-wife, who has full custody.

Logan (Channing Tatum), though, has a detailed plan to turn his life around. He’ll steal some money, and he’ll use his handwritten “10 steps to rob a bank” list to ensure it succeeds.

But what will he rob? Why not the Charlotte Motor Speedway?! His former job taught him a lot of secrets about the speedway – as in, the concession stand money on raceday sails through a series of unguarded underground tubes. If he gains access to one of those tubes, he could be a millionaire. And if he found a way to stop all credit card transactions on raceday – and thus force everyone to pay only with cash – he could walk away with even more cash.

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It sounds crazy, and he’s going to need lots of assistance. His slow-witted brother Clyde (Adam Driver) will help, as will his sister Mellie (Riley Keough). He then hatches a plan to get one of the country’s most famous bank robbers – Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) – to help, along with Bang’s two redneck brothers. (Joe Bang is in prison, but Logan has a plan to break him out for a few hours).

It’s all part of the comedy/heist movie Logan Lucky (PG-13), which opens this weekend. Here is what parents and families need to know:

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