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A New Season: God’s Work In Our Lives

It is said that God is a God of order, not chaos. So much that, in fact, God divided the year into four quarters. We call them seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Each beautiful and unique in its own perfect way. In His word, God even spoke to us about seasons.

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.”

-Ecclesiastes 3:1

Seasons are important for a vast number of reasons. They tell us how to dress, how to work, when to harvest, and even how to eat, if we actually ate the way our ancestors ate. Seasons give way to holidays and celebrations, even dictating what activities we participate in, and help shape our traditions.

The four seasons offer mankind a glimpse into God’s perfect harmony. Each season has its own characteristics, yet could not operate all on its own without the aid of the other three seasons. Just look at the life cycle of something as simple as a tree or a flower – there needs to be an adequate dormant period, in addition to a long enough growth period, in order to produce beautiful blooms or new growth. The change of seasons provides these necessary paths towards growth.

Such is the same with our own lives.

Spiritual Seasons

Sometimes we find ourselves in a season of growth, and sometimes we are in a period of rest. We experience seasons of blessing, and seasons of trials. Usually, these seasons happen without any input from us. They just seem to happen, with no regard to our preferences or feelings.

Changes come in every element of our lives – including marriage, ministry, careers, children, friends, and finances. While we like to think change is rare, change is actually quite common (like the four seasons) in this life. God uses each one of them to teach us something and prepare us for the next thing.

Whoever you are, wherever you are … you are in a special, distinct season right now for a divine purpose. God is working in His mighty way to ready you for the next season that lies ahead. Do not doubt that for one second. When you find yourself in the middle of a hard season, do not look at your neighbor who is in a happy season and despise them – for their season and your season are just as unique as fall is to winter, summer to spring, and so on. God is preparing you for His great work. So let Him do his work. Keep your focus.

Spiritual Winter

Here in our half of the world, winter is the cold season. It is the one with shorter days and cold temperatures. For many, winter feels unpleasant and challenging. Winter is vulnerable and uncomfortable at times. It’s not the time to plant, nor is it the time to harvest. It’s when we should hunker down and tend to the basics.

Our “spiritual winter” is also like this. It is our time of darkness. We feel barren and desolate, much like the trees. But do not give up. God will bring you out of your spiritual winter and into the spring as soon as His work is accomplished in you.

Every autumn, when I see the leaves change into their glory, I am reminded of God’s promises. I know He will never leave me, nor forsake me. He is working all things for my good.

Happy Autumn … and whatever current spiritual season you’re enjoying, or enduring, at the moment.



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