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Hope for Moms

Nothing prepares a woman for motherhood and all of the complexity that comes with it. Motherhood is something you can only learn about and understand while going through the process. Because of this, most moms frequently experience doubts about their choices, their children, and their own abilities. The reality is that moms can go forward confidently in hope because God is walking with us on this journey.

Be Confident of Where God Has You

It’s easy to wonder if we’re in the wrong place or doing the wrong things (or even parenting the wrong kids!). Be confident that God has you in the right place (with the right kids). All you have to do is ask and He’ll guide you as you make choices for your family. It really is that simple.

Allow yourself to stop striving to do things in your own power and rest in the knowledge that God is there with you. God is deeply concerned about you as a mom and your children as individuals. He will guide you and your children each step of the way.

Give God Time to Work

Although we live in an instant society, the most important growth in people happens slowly. When it comes to growth in our children, we’re on a very long journey with them that includes many detours and rabbit trails we might not expect.

Whether it is spiritual, emotional, or educational, our children will grow in their own time and in their own ways. We’ll see exciting bursts of growth along the way, but overall we have to give God time to work.

Trust God for the Outcome

God knows the beginning from the end and that includes our motherhood journey and the lives of our children. Instead of thinking we have to make it all happen, we should trust God for the outcome.

God will guide us to make choices we don’t fully understand because He sees the bigger picture. He’ll send unexpected difficulties and challenges that seem to derail our plans, but He knows why they are necessary for the outcome we are seeking. If we can keep uppermost in our mind that God is trustworthy, we can rest knowing that the outcome is under His control.

Mom, you don’t have to do it all. You don’t have to understand it all. Keep praying, keep trusting, and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Know that God is a God of hope and that includes great hope for your motherhood journey.

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Sallie enjoys homeschooling her only child, Caroline, in beautiful West Michigan. As relaxed homeschoolers, they enjoy learning from all of life. Sallie creates learning materials and writes about homeschooling, parenting, faith and simple living at Sallie Borrink.

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