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We are excited to launch our very first episode of the brand new Live The Adventure Radio Show. If you are passionate about history, education, and teaching your children from a Christian worldview, then you’ll really want to tune in and give it a listen.

Join us this week as we sit down with guests Colin Gunn and Bill Potter to talk about one of our most favorite places to visit … Scotland! Colin is a Scotland native and award-winning writer, director and producer. Bill is an independent scholar and historian who teaches and writes from a providential perspective.

Colin and Bill will walk us through the beautiful, rolling green hills of Scotland to discover the very roots of American freedom. (Yes, you read that correctly … American freedom in Scotland!)

We’ll also tell you how you can win a $10,000 trip for two to Scotland! It really is the trip of a lifetime. On this unique behind-the-scenes tour, you’ll visit 12 castles, 10 churches, some of the epic battlefields from In Freedom’s Cause and much more on this amazing adventure. You might even get to try Haggis! (Don’t know what haggis is? Listen to find out.)

Colin and Bill also discuss:

  • How Scotland influenced American freedom
  • Why understanding the Reformation is key to understanding our roots
  • How men like John Knox influenced our Founding Fathers
  • The importance of teaching our kids to take a stand for freedom and their Christian roots

In addition, we will talk about all the many exciting and unique things you’ll see while on the In Freedom’s Cause Tour. We’ll take a deeper look at the history, beauty, and architecture of Scotland, all together in context of our Christian heritage.

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