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Seven Ways To Avoid The Summer Slump

Ah, summer. It seems to be every kid’s favorite time of the year. With pool parties, free time, and fun vacations, who can blame them? I’m not advocating that children shouldn’t have a fun and relaxing summer. It’s a great perk of being a kid! However, I know many of us parents worry that our children will fall behind on academics or get bored during the casual and carefree summer months. Here are some sure-fire ways to avoid the summer slump while still having a lot of fun!

Read for Pleasure

Summer is the perfect time to let your child choose his or her own reading material. Who cares if it’s a little below their academic instructional level? Comic books? Graphic novels? Re-reading a favorite series? That’s all perfectly okay! Let them have the freedom to pick their own literature this summer. It’s just one more way to foster their love of reading and create lifelong learning habits. Consider joining your local library’s summer reading program if your children need incentives to read.

Create an “I’m Bored” List

Sit down with your child now and make a list of all the things they can do later when they find themselves with a little too much free time on their hands. That way when the time comes (and it will happen) they don’t have to bug you about it! Post the list on the refrigerator or somewhere where they can easily access it.

Refresh Their Sleep Bank

Studies have shown that many tweens and teens suffer from serious sleep deficits. If your daily summer schedule allows for a little sleeping in, or for the occasional afternoon nap, it might actually be a health booster for your child! A well-rested child is a happier and healthier child.

Sneak in Learning

While I’m not the biggest “screen time” advocate, a little bit of technology can be a good thing! Keep your child’s academic skills sharp and have fun at the same time with a few well-chosen learning apps and online games. There are plenty of options to choose from and they come in just about every age and ability level possible. Want a great no-screen activity that sneaks in history, literature, and more? Try our Audio Adventures! Check out our newest releases.

Learn a New Hobby

Have your children been dying to learn a new hobby or try out a new activity? Summer is a good time to let them expand their skill sets and pursue new interests. Allow them the freedom to self-teach and pace themselves as they go. Just two more ways to foster lifelong learning and expand good academic habits … on the sly, of course.

Life Skills and Habit Training

Summer is also a good time to work on forming good habits and learning daily routines. Personal hygiene, self-care, health and cleanliness are all things you can work on while academics are on break. Build good habits today and enjoy a better school year tomorrow.

Field Trip Fridays … or Tuesdays…

Make a conscientious effort to take a field trip each week this summer. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, or even on the same day, for that matter. You just need to put forth the effort to plan it and then follow through and do it! A picnic in a local park is a great field trip. Museums, gardens, aquariums, and zoos are all fantastic field trip options.

How does your family avoid the summer slump? Let us know in the comments.

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