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How To Get Kids Excited About History
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How To Get Kids Excited About History

Getting kids excited about history isn’t easy, especially in an age of video games, tablets and smartphones. It seems there are distractions everywhere!

How To Get Kids Excited About HistoryBut as Robert Skead tells us in today’s episode of Words of Wisdom, parents can instill a passion for history within their children – and it’s not that difficult.

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Skead is the author of two children’s books about the Revolutionary War: Patriots, Redcoats and Spies and Submarines, Secrets and a Daring Rescue. Both are published by the Christian publisher Zonderkidz. He also authored children’s books based on sports history.

Skead tells us how he became interested in history and what parents can do to “hook” their own children kids on history. He also tells us about one of his ancestors who was a Revolutionary War hero!

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