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Raising Kids To Love History (Interview With Jenny L. Cote)

Raising Kids To Love History (Interview With Jenny L. Cote)

History has gotten a bad rap among school-age children. So says Christian author Jenny L. Cote, who has written a series of historical fantasy/fiction books geared toward children that are hooking in adults, too.

voice, the revolution and the keyCote’s latest book, “The Voice, The Revolution & The Key,” follows Patrick Henry from boyhood onward and spotlights the events leading up to the Revolutionary War. It is the latest release in a series of books by Cote that explore history through the eyes of animals, such as a dog named Max and a cat named Liz.

Cote is this week’s guest on “Words of Wisdom,” and she tells us:

  • Where she believes our society has gone wrong in teaching history.
  • Why she is so passionate about history — specifically early American history.
  • What children can learn from studying the Founding Fathers.
  • Why it’s so important to teach kids about the flaws – and the heroics — of America’s Founders.

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  1. I want my grandchildren to be able to tap into these books. How do I source them?

  2. Enjoyed your interview with Jenny Cote tremendously! She makes cogent points about teaching American History. Teaching the “flaws” and “heroics” about our nation is not only important, but also most relevant. Certainly, our Founding Fathers had flaws, they would be the first to admit this. They would also be quick to share how they recognized their inadequacies: because of their Faith and their love for the Bible. Jenny Cote’s books have delighted and encouraged our family since we read, “The Ark, The Reed and The Fire Cloud” in 2009 (it came out in 2008). We found her newest book, “The Voice, The Revolution and The Key,” compelling and timely. This Podcast is a wonderful segue into your article, “The Best Way to Teach Our Children About Freedom.” Thank you SO much for your commitment to our families– we appreciate “Live the Adventure” so much!

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