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How Parents Can Use In Freedom’s Cause For Worldview Training

worldview training

Introduction Worldview training is a difficult undertaking for a parent. There is a lot of noise in our world that fights for a place in our children’s hearts. Each day, information and false truths from a multitude of places bombard our children. This is why we, as parents, must be ever vigilant in the worldview training of our children. We ...

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Make Your Own Celtic Knot

Celtic knots are beautiful, decorative patterns that come in many styles, colors, and designs. Celtic Knots usually feature endless circles, interlocking patterns, or unbroken designs. This is why they are often used in Christianity to symbolize the Holy Trinity. Celtic knots are a very popular art form in the United Kingdom. They are a key part of art, history, and ...

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In Freedom’s Cause Crossword Puzzle

How much do you remember about the exciting audio adventure, In Freedom’s Cause? From the rolling hills of Scotland to the battlefield and beyond, this fun crossword puzzle will test your knowledge about legendary hero William Wallace. And don’t forget our favorite characters Ned, Gerald, and Lady Marjory! Simply click the download button and print! Print Crossword & Answer Key ...

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Fun Scottish Sayings

Do you want to talk like a true Scotsman? Try out some of these Scottish words and sayings in your own conversations! • Aboot – About • Ain – Own • Auld – Old • Aye – Yes • Bairn – Baby • Baw – Ball • Bide – To wait, or stay. • Blether – Talkative • Bonnie – ...

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Try A Taste of Scotland: Shortbread Recipe

What did William Wallace like to eat? While we don’t really know for sure, we can use our imagination a little bit. One of the most popular all-time favorite Scottish treats is homemade shortbread. Shortbread is a crisp, rich, crumbly, biscuit-like cookie that is made with butter, flour, and sugar. While it’s not exactly a healthy treat, it is most ...

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