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How Parents Can Use The Cat Of Bubastes For Worldview Training

Who is G.A. Henty?

Cat of Bubastes

There are many great worldview training opportunities in Heirloom Audio’s Cat of Bubastes audio adventure.

GA Henty was a prolific writer of the 1800’s. People remember him for his family-friendly historical stories of great excitement. Initially, the Cat of Bubastes, first published in 1889 intended as a fun children’s story. It teaches of a young prince who becomes a slave when the Egyptians conquer his people. We can all remember other tales of being captive in Egypt in history. Like many other beautiful children’s versions of biblical tales; Genty delivers with an action-packed story. It teaches us how perseverance and dedication to the one real god trumps so many other beliefs. As are biblical stories, many of Henty’s tales are timeless entertainment for all ages and times.

The Cat of Bubastes

In this two disk audio set, your children can have hours of entertainment. It is perfect for listening all at once during a long trip or breaking down by chapters over several days. The story of The Cat of Bubastes is so compelling, it gets you roped in right away. There are suspense and adventure like all the other Heirloom adventures. With the fantastic quality of the audio and lively storytelling, it can be listened to over and over again. Every time you listen, you pick up more to the story you missed last time.

The story is about a Prince, Amuba. His father, the king of the Rebu, gets killed by the Egyptian army and the Rebu nation is conquered by Egypt with the survivors taken captive. The young prince Amuba becomes a slave brought along to Egypt, with his charioteer and good friend, Jethro. In Thebes, Amuba becomes the servant to Chebron, who happens to be the son of the High Priest of the cult of Osiris. One day while hunting, they accidentally kill a sacred cat. Because Egypt of the time worshipped many gods and animals, there were many rules against harming animals. Crocodiles and cats and such are gods. The dead cat causes them to flee for their lives when it is to be the successor to the Cat of Bubastes! The Cat of Bubastes one of the most sacred animals in Egypt. While escaping, they find Christ through Ruth, who teaches them about faith in the one true God. With Jethro as a new loyal servant in the lord, as well as their protector, the boys make plans to escape from Egyptian territory and return to Amuba’s home.

Educational and Moral

Some of the best aspects of the Cat of Bubastes is the learning aspect. One of these is the solid reminder of the one true God of Israel being there for the people. Another to take note of are the reminders that His way is the only one that makes sense. This is reinforced when compared to other faiths of worshiping animals. Also, the story shows some different beliefs while still maintaining a sign of respect for others. There is also an active link to the historical facts surrounding the time. This provides a fantastic learning experience for reinforcement of the Christian Worldview.

In this Heirloom Audio Adventure, you will find this tale and others will provide many listenings worth of value. It does this in the teachings of both the wisdom of our Lord to guide and protect his people. Also, as an entertaining historical account of history for learning about real-world events.

Heirloom Audio has a long track record of quality and success in their audio adventures. You can be sure you will fall in love with not only this story, but many more to come when you live the letter adventure!


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