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Why Audio Dramas Are the Perfect Homeschool Helpers for Family Road Trips

For many homeschool families, summer means lots of time in the car. Whether it is visiting the grandparents or traveling to a vacation destination, those long hours can really add up. Audio dramas are the perfect homeschool helper during this time!

Help Pass the Time

Exciting dramas such as Under Drake’s Flag, In Freedom’s Cause and With Lee In Virginia will make the travel time fly by. These thrilling adventures include action, drama, humor, and fantastic music that quickly draw the listener right in to the story. With so much action to follow, your children (and you!) will soon forget that you are driving a long distance.

Shared Family Experience

If your family enjoys read alouds during the school year, listening to an audio drama is a great extension of that. Just as a read aloud becomes a part of your shared family experience, an audio drama becomes part of the fabric of your family life. Not only will you remember the trip or vacation – you’ll also remember the fun and dramatic story you shared along the way.

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Redeems the Time

Listening to an audio adventure is an excellent way to redeem the time spent traveling. Rather than re-watching movies, playing video games, or lifelessly staring at a screen, audio dramas provide families a great opportunity to reclaim some of that travel time in a positive, educational way. (Don’t tell the kids – but you’ll be sneaking in some real history too! It’s really is as educational as it is fun.)

Provokes Conversation

The adventures and difficult situations in which the characters find themselves will likely provoke lively and thoughtful conversations. These dramas provide many practical ways to discuss your family’s values and faith. Have you ever noticed that some of your best conversations happen in the car? This is because some children converse best when no one is looking at them. You might be surprised at the discussions that come up on your road trip!

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Going Beyond the Curriculum

Audio dramas are an easy way to tackle important or interesting subjects that aren’t a part of your formal homeschool curriculum. You can travel to times and places that might not be possible to squeeze in during the school year. Meeting these fascinating characters will add both breadth and depth to your homeschooling endeavors.

Here’s just one of many testimonials we’ve received about using audio adventures on-the-go:

[quote_box name=””]I got Under Drake’s Flag for a long trip we were taking and I thought it would be a great opportunity because we had our 3 kids in the car. One of my kids is getting a little older…and he was a little hesitant when we put it on. But when we stopped at a rest stop he wanted to keep listening to it. It was cool to see that…

Then, on our way home the kids wanted to listen to it again!

So, on another long trip, I got In Freedom’s Cause and it was the same experience. Now we’re all pretty excited to take With Lee in Virginia with us on our next trip. It’s become a tradition and it brings our family closer. My 16 year old even dusted off his G.A. Henty books in his bedroom!

-Shawn W.


So, before you jump in the car and take off on that long drive, consider adding an audio adventure to your trip plans. Not only will you have great travels to remember, but also historical stories of heroes steeped in adventure, bravery and character.

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Sallie enjoys homeschooling her only child, Caroline, in beautiful West Michigan. As relaxed homeschoolers, they enjoy learning from all of life. Sallie creates learning materials and writes about homeschooling, parenting, faith and simple living at Sallie Borrink.


  1. I am home schooled and I live in south ON and the only time I have been on a plane was to go England. but I have been to AZ, Vancouver, AB, PEI, QC, and about ten times to Florida. Driving to those places I have listened to In Freedom’s Cause, Under Drake’s Flag, Moby Dick, Oliver twist, Ann of green gables, the chronicles of Narnia, and Odyssey.

    • read this book with my daughter who is 10 and we had a hard time putitng it down. She is studying the Middle Ages this year in school and this story brought that time period to life. Not only did we learn about the historical events of the time of King Alfred and the Vikings, but we enjoyed reading about the culture of the 9th century. We have read other books by Henty and we were not disappointed with this one. There is something here for everyone, adventure, battles, romance, friendship, etc.

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