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How Parents Can Use With Lee In Virginia For Worldview Training

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With Lee In Virginia offers the perfect chance for worldview training. It combines an electrifying tale with a Biblical message.

With Lee In Virginia is an enthralling audio adventure exploring the greatest crisis in our nation’s history. The exciting story includes daring escapes, exhilarating battles, and heart-wrenching tragedy. As pure entertainment, this story rivals the best of them.

Entertainment Vs. Worldview Training

But when you live with a Christian worldview in mind, entertainment is never just entertainment. Every story is an opportunity to examine the values we live by. How do they line up with Biblical standards and how do they differ from secular values?

This is particularly true when we’re enjoying entertainment with our children. As Christian parents, we should be constantly looking for opportunities for worldview training, especially in our entertainment choices. “With Lee in Virginia” offers the perfect chance, combining an electrifying tale with a Biblical message. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can use this story to teach your children about the Christian worldview.

Listen Together

If your only goal is entertaining your kids, then by all means, let them put their headphones on and listen on their own. But if your goal is to train them in a proper Christian worldview, then you need to listen along with them, looking for opportunities to teach.

One great option that we have discussed before is listening to an audio adventure in the car. Whether on a long road trip or while running errands, the exciting tale of Vincent Wingfield’s adventures will make the time fly by. Just don’t get so wrapped up in the story that you forget about the ice cream in the trunk!

Ask Questions

As you listen with your children, stop from time to time and ask questions that will get them thinking. Address the dilemmas that the characters are facing. For example, when we find out that Vincent has been teaching Dan to read, we can ask “Was it right for Vincent to teach a slave to read, even though it was against the law?” This may provoke a discussion about man’s law vs. God’s law. Should we always obey a law, even if it violates our beliefs and Biblical teaching?

It is important when asking questions of your children to wait before giving the answer. Give them time to think. Ask other questions or offer relevant Scriptures. Help them analyze the issue from a Biblical perspective. By giving them the answers, you may help establish the Christian worldview in their minds. However, by guiding them to the answers, you impress it upon their hearts.

Discuss Key Ideas

While asking questions, focus on the key ideas essential to worldview training. When General Lee meets Vincent, for instance, he mentions the idea of duty. Talk about what duty means and how it applies to our lives. Do we have a duty to help take care of our family? To do chores around the house? To set a good example for younger siblings or friends?

Valor is another idea emphasized early in the story. Valor simply means the courage to do what is right, especially in the face of danger. Vincent shows valor by defending mistreated slaves. How is valor a quality that we can exemplify in our own lives?

You can also use these values to compare the worldly alternatives of secular culture. How does the idea of duty conflict with values like fame, material wealth, comfort, or pleasure? Can we be faithful to our duty if we put our own comfort first? Can we live up to a Godly standard of valor if we put our own safety and well-being first?

Make Connections To Bible Stories

Audio adventures like With Lee In Virginia show historical examples of people living out their faith, even in dangerous times. We can also connect these tales to stories from the Bible.

When I imagine valor, my mind always goes straight to Gideon in the Book of Judges, chapters 6-8. When an angel came to Gideon, he addressed him as a “mighty man of valor.” Gideon wasn’t so sure of that title. Nevertheless, in the end, he had the courage to face tens of thousands of Midianites with an army of only 300, knowing God was on his side. Vincent’s own valor may have been influenced by reading this very story.

More Than Entertainment

As entertaining as With Lee In Virginia is, its greatest value comes as a teaching opportunity. As Christian parents, we should take every opportunity for worldview training. This captivating story from American history is no exception. Use these tips to get everything you can out of this audio adventure and have fun in the process!

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What do you think about using the With Lee In Virginia audio drama for worldview training? Let us know in the comments below.


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