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Civil War Food: Johnnycake

Johnnycakes (or, johnny cakes) are a famous food from the Civil War era. They were especially famous among soldiers in the south. They are pancake-like cornmeal flatbreads that are recognized by many other regional names as well: corn cake, hoe cake, mush bread, Shawnee cake, jonakin, and more. The origin of their name is a real mystery. Most historians believe ...

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Civil War Food: Make Your Own Hardtack

During the Civil War, soldiers on both sides of the fight were given rations (pre-measured portions) of food. Examples of rations included: flour, salt, potatoes, cornmeal, beans, sugar, coffee, and dried or cured beef. Union soldiers had more access to some of these rations than Confederate soldiers. This was because food supplies were often limited in the South, due to ...

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Try A Taste of Scotland: Shortbread Recipe

What did William Wallace like to eat? While we don’t really know for sure, we can use our imagination a little bit. One of the most popular all-time favorite Scottish treats is homemade shortbread. Shortbread is a crisp, rich, crumbly, biscuit-like cookie that is made with butter, flour, and sugar. While it’s not exactly a healthy treat, it is most ...

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