‘I Can Only Imagine’ Spotlights Universal Themes Of Healing & Forgiveness, Producer Kevin Downes Says

I Can Only Image remains one of the most popular songs in Christian contemporary music history, and this Friday (March 16) a movie by the same name will reveal the story behind the lyrics.

On this week’s edition of Words of Wisdom, we speak with filmmaker Kevin Downes, a producer behind the movie I Can Only Imagine.

The film spotlights the broken relationship between MercyMe’s Bart Millard and his abusive father, and how Millard was inspired to write the song after his father became a Christian.

“We were amazed that it hadn’t been made into a movie,” said Downes, who added that several “universal themes” – healing, forgiveness and leaving a legacy – run throughout the film.

Downes also was involved in Woodlawn and Mom’s Night Out.

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