Q&A: ‘When Calls The Heart’ Producer Brian Bird On The Show’s ‘God Moments,’ Popularity & Future

Hallmark Channel’s When Calls The Heart is a hit among families of faith, but as executive producer Brian Bird tells us in today’s edition of Entertainment Spotlight, it easily could have died before it started.

The story of schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher and the people of Coal Valley was being made into a movie a decade ago but the 2008 financial crisis hit, halting production. That could have been the end of the idea, but several years later Hallmark picked up rights to the movie and also gave the green light for the series, which launched in 2014.

“That’s a God thing,” Bird said. “We take no credit for it.”

When Calls The Heart recently was renewed for its sixth season. Additionally, a devotional, When God Calls The Heart: Devotions From Hope Valley (BroadStreet), was just released. Bird is a co-author.

Bird tells us:

  • Why he thinks the series has been so popular among parents and children.
  • How When Calls The Heart is helping bring back family TV time.
  • Why he thinks the series can survive a future with Elizabeth and Thornton married.
  • What people can expect in the When God Calls the Heart devotional.


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