The Telegraph, The Berlin Wall & Elvis: Providential History Podcast (Aug. 13-19)

What do the first Olympic basketball game, the first transatlantic telegraph message, and the construction of the Berlin Wall all have in common?

They all occurred “on this date” during the week of Aug. 13-19, and they’re all discussed on this week’s episode of Providential History.

Join Heirloom Audio’s Aaron Fullan and Michael Foust as they discuss:

  • An historical telegraph message that exclaimed “glory to God in the highest.”
  • A birth in the Roanoke colony.
  • An Elvis Presley song that took more than two dozen takes to record.
  • A Hank Aaron home run that was disqualified for a quirky reason.

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  1. JCE 7 months ago

    Thanks, this is a great ‘podcast’ to start the day! Blessings

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