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7 Reasons Why Traditions Are Vital For Families

Family traditions aren’t just fun ways of making memories with those you love. They are vital to building a strong family bond. There are many other reasons why creating and honoring family traditions are so important:

  1. Traditions tell a story – your story!

Family traditions provide your family with a source of identity. They teach your children about where you come from, either culturally, geographically, or spiritually. Traditions are a wonderful way to pass on your family’s unique heritage with your children and future generations.

  1. They Strengthen Family Bonds

Traditions are hopefully those times where you put work and school aside and just enjoy being a family. In an increasingly technology-driven culture, it’s rare to enjoy one-on-one, face-to-face time in large quantities. Traditions are the perfect way to get everyone to put down the smartphones and spend time together.

  1. Help Make Children Feel Secure

Life can be unpredictable. Forming family traditions will help your child feel more secure about themselves and their lives. Family meals gathered around the table are easy ways to make children feel comforted and secure at home. A secure child is typically a happy child. Weekday traditions, like a pizza and movie night once a week, are great ways to boost your child’s sense of security. Traditions don’t have to be elaborate or fancy. They just need to be heartfelt.

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  1. Traditions Impart Values

Traditions provide a springboard to talk about your moral and spiritual beliefs with your children. Many (if not most) family traditions reinforce your value system in a concrete and tangible way. Regular bedtime devotions or prayers with your children each night is a great tradition to start if you haven’t already.

  1. They Add Spice To Life

Monday through Friday can get pretty boring and repetitive. That’s why so many adults look forward to the next big vacation or day off from work. Well, believe it or not, children can get bored too. Traditions give kids a way to look ahead to something exciting and fun! It also allows them to understand the ebb and flow of the seasons of life, and appreciate each holiday or season as a gift.

  1. Connect Generations

I don’t know about you, but some of our family’s best traditions involve grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even great-grandparents. Creating traditions allows families to have a link between the young and old, connecting and bonding generations to one another.

  1. Make Lasting Memories

As you become an adult, you realize some of your best childhood memories weren’t toys or even things … they were often memories of your grandparents, vacations, and experiences you had along the way as you grew up. You might not remember what you got for Christmas when you were nine years old, but you distinctly remember the special menu grandma made every Christmas Eve. Develop some family traditions and your children will have those very same positive and lasting memories.

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