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Grandma Minnie’s Sunbonnet

Laura Ingalls Wilder – Grandma Minnie’s Sunbonnet

This little girl’s paper sunbonnet is fashioned after the cloth ones my grandmother used to make and wear when she worked in her garden. To make a pattern template that will stand up to repeated use, you will need a 12 x 16 piece of tagboard. Cut out the half pattern included with these instructions. Using the diagram on the half pattern as a guide, place half pattern on one side of the tagboard, trace around it marking the center with a dashed line. Flip the pattern over and trace around the other side. Cut out tagboard on outside lines – do not cut center line. Use a paper punch to punch holes where marked.

Materials for sunbonnets:

  • 1 sheet of 12 x 16 construction paper for each bonnet (one inventive teacher used patterned wallpaper!)
  • pencil to draw around pattern
  • scissors
  • paper punch
  • 8 hole reinforcements for each bonnet
  • 3 – 18″ pieces of yarn for each bonnet
  • crayons or markers to decorate bonnet
  • lace trim (optional)

Place the tagboard pattern on construction paper and trace around it with a pencil, making sure to mark a dot in each of the holes. Cut out construction paper, and punch holes where marked. Put reinforcements on each side of holes. Thread one piece of yarn through both holes marked “A” on the pattern, and tie a bow. This will curve the paper to form the shape of the bonnet. The size of the bonnet can be adjusted by how tight or loose you tie the back yarn. Next tie one piece of yarn in each of the other holes – these will be the ties to hold the bonnet on. Use crayons or markers to decorate as desired.

Be creative in decorating. Suggested ideas:

  • Cut the construction paper with pinking shears or decorative edge scissors.
  • Glue lace trim on the front edge of the bonnet.
  • Use Crayola Overwriters or Underwriters to create a “print fabric.”
Grandma Minnie’s Sunbonnet template, view or download pdf

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