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Make An Easy No-Sew Pencil Pouch

Need a place to organize all your pencils, markers, crayons and more? Create your very own personalized no-sew pencil pouch using items you probably already have around the house. It’s a fun back-to-school craft for kids of all ages.

Materials Needed:


  1. Lay your gallon zip top bag down on a flat working surface.
  1. Fold the bottom of the bag up towards the top, so that your bag is approximately now half its size. Use a small piece of tape to secure in place. (If you prefer a larger bag, skip this step.)
  1. Decorate one side of your bag with strips of duct tape. Cut strips approximately one inch longer than the width of the bag. (You will trim this up later.)
  1. Design the look of your bag however you wish! Cover the bag with tape, except for the zip top.
  1. Trim the tape that overlaps the bag, but leave about a quarter of an inch to seal the sides later.
  1. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other side of the bag.
  1. Now, close up and overlap the extra tape on the sides. This creates a sturdy “seam” on the sides of your pouch.
  1. Fill it up and go! 


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