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5 Things Parents Should Know About ‘Forever My Girl’

5 Things Parents Should Know About ‘Forever My Girl’

Liam Page is a world-famous country singer who has everything the world can offer: big houses, beautiful women, and fans who idolize his every move.

Yet despite his wealth, he often thinks about Josie, the fiancé he abandoned on their wedding day eight years earlier in their hometown of St. Augustine, La, when he was young and immature.

It seems they’ll never meet again – until providence intervenes.

A childhood friend dies, sending him back to that small Louisiana town for a funeral that is sure to put he and his ex in the same room.

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Josie, though, isn’t amused by his presence, and neither are the townspeople, who view him as a spoiled superstar who turned his back on them. In fact, they despise him. Even his father – a pastor – is mad at him.

But time has a way of healing wounds, and when he learns that Josie is the single mom of a 7-year-old girl – his daughter – he decides he wants back in Josie’s life. What will she do?

The PG-rated Forever My Girl opens in theaters this weekend, starring Alex Roe (The 5th Wave) as Liam, Jessica Rothe (La La Land) as Josie, and Abby Ryder Fortson (Ant-Man) as their daughter. It’s based on a novel by Heidi McLaughlin.

Here are five things parents should know:

Warning: spoilers ahead!

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