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Festive Paper Lanterns

Light up your Independence Day holiday! These cute and easy paper lanterns make a great addition to your outdoor parties and celebrations. Simple craft paper and string lights are all you need to make this festive craft shine. Step 1: Fold your paper. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. You can use printer paper, cardstock, ...

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Summer Science Lab: Make Ice Cream!

Did you know that ice cream has it’s own special part in history? It’s true! The Chinese were the first to develop ice cream, somewhere around 3000 BC. Roman emperor, Nero, was fascinated with the stuff, and is credited as the first person on record to have ice cream made for a meal. Marco Polo introduced Italy to ice cream, ...

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Kids In The Kitchen: Ancient Roman Honey Cakes

Want to try a taste of ancient Rome? Make these delicious honey cakes! They were, and still are, a very popular Roman sweet pastry. We can trace these cakes as far back as Cato the Elder – he wrote down the recipe for safekeeping. New Audio Adventure Tells The Story Of Loyalty, Perseverance and Sacrifice There are many different variations ...

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Treats For Mom

Mother’s Day is the one special day each year dedicated to celebrating moms everywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice this year to show mom how much you love her with something extra-special? (Even better when it’s homemade with love!) Finding a great gift for mom doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. We have found an easy and inexpensive gift that ...

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How Well Do You Know These 30 Civil War Words and Phrases?

Test your knowledge of Civil War slang with this fun activity. It’s great for kids of all ages. (And parents, too!) Makes a great discussion starter around the dinner table or as a group activity on family game night. Download and print this activity here. New Audio Adventure Tells The Civil War Story Of Courage, Honor, and Duty

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