Sight & Sound Theatres: Bringing The Bible To Life (Interview With Katie Miller)

Sight & Sound: Bringing The Bible To Life (Interview With Katie Miller)

What would a Bible-based musical look like on a gigantic stage the length of a football field? It may sound like something concocted from a wild imagination, but it’s what Sight & Sound Theatres does hundreds of times each year.

This week on a special edition of Live The Adventure Radio, we talk to Katie Miller of Sight & Sound Theatres, which produces epic and immersive Bible-based musicals throughout the year at its two locations (Branson, Mo., and Lancaster, Pa.) and recently released its first theatrical film. Each musical features 40-plus cast members, live animals and special effects.

Miller, who is corporate communications manager, tells us:

  • How Sight & Sound got started.
  • What makes a Sight & Sound so unique.
  • How they make a Bible story such as Jonah into a two-hour-plus presentation, while staying true to Scripture.
  • What shows are in Sight & Sound’s future.

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