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Using audio learning in your life can help to foster independence and personal responsibility in your children.

Foster Independence In Your Kids With Audio Learning

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Using audio learning in your life can help to foster independence and personal responsibility in your children.

As a parent, you can’t do everything for your kids all of the time. Even if you could, that wouldn’t be what’s best for them. Kids need to know that they can do things all by themselves. It’s important that they have confidence in their abilities to, one day, manage their own lives. Kids also need to know that they can contribute and that they can help out. They need to feel like a valuable member of the family. Childhood is practice for learning to work together in unity with other members of the body of Christ. Moreover, it is a time to practice independence with audio learning.

Kids Learn By Experiencing Life

Kids learn about life by experiencing things for themselves and by fully grasping the concepts that their teachers provide for them. When kids experience life firsthand, they gain competence. This is why you should not do for your kids what they can perform by themselves. If you do, you are denying them the feeling of accomplishment and achievement that they need. You are holding them back from growing and learning.

This is especially true when it comes to your child’s education. Children mainly learn through lectures in the public school system. Even as parents, we often want to oversee their education and end up spoonfeeding the lessons to them. This is not the best way for kids to learn.

Nurture Independence Through Self-Education

When kids always rely on their teachers to teach the lessons, they retain less of what is taught. They also connect less with the lesson. When a child doesn’t connect with the lesson, then they don’t learn it.

The Great Charlotte Mason Said That “There Is No Education But Self-Education”

What she understood is that children will gain the most from what they experience and find out for themselves. Yet, you can only accomplish this if you nurture independence in your children.

Creating Lifelong Learners

One way that you can foster independence in your kids is with audio learning. Audio learning allows kids to take charge of their own education, independent of their parents. This is an invaluable skill for children to learn. They need to know that what they learn is not dependent on their parents, but on how diligently they can absorb the material in front of them. This creates lifelong learners.

Audio learning provides kids with beautiful, meaningful lessons and even the youngest of listeners can gain independence by using them. Audio dramas are easy for kids to jump right into. They can begin the lesson themselves without their parents even being present. An audio drama is delivered, not by a parent or teacher, but by a full cast of characters that draws kids into the story from the very beginning.

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Audio Learning Is Individualized Learning

Unlike with a formal textbook, each child can learn different lessons from audio learning. An audio drama presents a wealth of ideas and virtues, and the lessons that your child learns are what God speaks to them individually. They certainly learn facts, but more importantly, truths are revealed to them as well.

This, too, teaches independence, the greatest kind of independence. It’s the independence of knowing that God has an individual plan for your life and that what He speaks to you will also be specific to you and to your calling in His kingdom. Your kids will learn that true independence actually consists of a complete reliance upon God and His ability to work through them.

In summary, using audio learning in your life can help to foster independence and personal responsibility in your children.

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What are your thoughts on having your children grow in their independence with audio learning? Let us know in the comments below.

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