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This Week In History – October 2nd – October 8th

On this week’s episode of Live the Adventure Radio, Executive Producer Bill Heid, Associate Producer Aaron Fullan, and Off The Grid News editor Michael Faust are going to discuss important dates in history from October 2nd – October 8th.

It is our hope and our prayer that you use this information to not just reflect on what God has done in space and time, but also to do the important work of sharing history and inculcating a love of history in your kids.

Join Bill, Aaron, and Michael as they tell us all about:

  • October 2nd – Charles Darwin returns to England in 1836
  • October 3rd – Abraham Lincoln proclaims Thanksgiving Day a holiday in 1863
  • October 4th – Miles Coverdale publishes his version of the Bible in 1535
  • October 5th – First presidential speech on TV in 1947
  • October 6th – Tyndale burned alive in 1536
  • October 7th – William Laud was born 1573
  • October 8th – Chicago Fire in 1871/Alvin York at Argonne in 1818

We hope you thoroughly enjoy this newest episode of Live the Adventure Radio!

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