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This Week In History – September 18th-September 24

On this week’s show, Executive Producer Bill Heid and historian Bill Potter are going to discuss important dates in history from September 18th-24th.

It is our hope and our prayer that you use this information to not just reflect on what God has done in space and time, but also to do the important work of sharing history and inculcating a love of history in your kids.

Join Bill and Bill as they tell us all about:

  • The distinctions between secular and Christian history
  • Booker T. Washington’s famous speech at the Cotton States Exposition on September 18th, 1895
  • The Fugitive Slave Act that was passed by the United States Congress on September 18, 1850
  • Nikita Khrushchev being barred from visiting Disneyland on September 19, 1959
  • Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan setting sail from Spain on September 20, 1519
  • Charles the V’s death on September 21st, 1558
  • Patriot Nathan Hale’s hanging and famous last words on September 22nd, 1776
  • Louis and Clark’s return from their incredible American expedition on September 23rd, 1806
  • The death of Emperor Komnenos on September 24th, 1180

We hope you enjoy our pilot episode of Live the Adventure Radio!

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  1. This is Wonderful! I teach US History and World History to Homeschool children, and I love this!!! I frequently incorporate podcasts into my homework… I foresee your broadcast in my homework assignments.
    Thank You

  2. So cool to hear you mention Scotland! We were on that tour with you and Bill Potter. As always, this was so informative, and we learned a lot! Thanks! Looking forward to the next one.

  3. Interesting perspectives from well-informed people!
    Great idea; hope it continues…

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